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My art is a collaboration of influences from my experiences from living in Vermont and in the North Shore area of Boston. I have always loved nature and how delicate and beautiful yet powerful life by the ocean can be. I tend to shy away from the convention of a stretched canvas which has led me to paint on reclaimed pieces of wood. Many of my pieces are painted on the treasures and unique pieces of wood washed upon the beach or reclaimed from an old weathered barn. I love the worn texture, the random size and patina the salty sea or years of the changing seasons has weathered these materials over time. these recovered "canvases" have had a past life before connecting with me and now, in my hands, begin to take on a new life. 

The subjects of my art are not limited to creatures from or near the sea. Although I love the gracefulness of a Blue whale or the and sheen of a raven's feathers, I also have painted clients' pets and Their spirit animals. 


The most customizable works I have created are signage on reclaimed wood. I use driftwood, barn boards and pallet wood to create family names, sayings, house names, and signs for backyard gathering spaces. I create a look to my signs that are reminiscent of an era when hand painted signs were the norm yet have seen many years gone by. 

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